Kate Hudson - 1+1 (from the motion picture Music)


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    "1+1" from the album Music, songs from and inspired by the motion picture, out now: sia.lnk.to/MusicID
    Director: Sia
    Producers: Jason Baum, Vincent Landay, Will Weiske
    Director of Photography: Sebastian Winterø
    Camera Operator: Ari Robbins
    Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
    Production Designer: Tracy Dishman Art Director: Leigh Poindexter
    Editors: Lorin Askill, Dana Congdon
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw
    Color Timers: Timothy Stipan, Company 3
    Kate Hudson
    Leslie Odom Jr.
    Maddie Ziegler
    Lea Catania
    Ashley Cinq-Mars
    Justin Deanda
    Sophina DeJesus
    Rachel Evans
    Michelle Foster
    Reshma Gajjar
    Hunter Hamilton
    Alaina Hoolihan
    Morgan Jenkins
    Casey Johansen
    Lulu Lam
    Michael Munday
    Kaylie O’meara
    Joseph V. Oreste
    Justin E. Porter
    Morgan Quinn
    Sasha Rivero
    Haylee Roderick
    River Sadlon
    Courtney Scarr
    Chris Silcox
    Tyne Stecklein
    Ben Tardif
    Freddie Tisdale
    Teddie Tisdale
    Alyson Kandace Van
    Gina Webber
    Charis Wilde
    Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written & directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. & Maddie Ziegler, is available on demand now 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country bit.ly/2YJD1ho
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    Get a girl, or get a boy
    Take ‘em right down to the shore
    Give your all and give some more
    Let the music free your soul
    Sway with me to the light
    Hold me for just one night
    Hold me for just one night (whoah)
    We live for the beat
    Baby you’re all I need
    Baby you’re all I need (ohh)
    So I’m taking you away
    Every day’s a holiday
    Move your body, feel the sway
    Grab someone
    Every day’s a holiday
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Get a boy, or get a girl
    Take ‘em all around the world
    Give your all and give your word
    If you listen you’ll be heard
    Swing with me to the light
    Hold me for just one night
    Hold me for just one night (whoah)
    We live for the beat
    Baby you’re all I need
    Baby you’re all I need (ohh)
    So I’m taking you away
    Every day’s a holiday
    Move your body, feel the sway
    Grab someone
    Every day’s a holiday
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic
    Every day’s a holiday
    Let the beat take you away
    Let the beat take you today
    Baby, this is magic

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    1. Cristofer Salcedo

      God i hate this popstar ive never heard of until now

    2. a

      they’re cosplaying mac and cheese

    3. Chloe Abbott

      #Sia I just wanted to say that your amazing and music is an incredible film because I watched it and the ending almost mad me cry and it just reminded me of the bond I have with my half sisters so thank you and keep doing what your doing because your songs are amazing to :)

    4. Captain Deathsquirrel

      Aside from insulting a huge number of people, how did the album do? Think Mattie will do the same dance numbers in concert or would that be awkward?

    5. kirby

      i want to know who wrote this song. not only do the lyrics suck, it’s not poetic whatsoever. also, this dancing is actual garbage. the outfits don’t even look good, the beat doesn’t match the dancing, these bright lights hurt my eyes and i’m not even autistic or have epilepsy.

    6. Sienna Russo

      The only thing im impressed with is that this was a one-shot video.

    7. Żaneta Kuczyńska


    8. C H

      I’m on the spectrum. I can’t explain why but when the ball people (1:50) start bouncing up and down it makes my heart happy.

    9. Jacob Thuan

      when i first saw this my brudda be moving his head like a fish

    10. Cookie Mocher

      When you hate the movie but keep listening to the songs lol, no wonder the movie's called Music because that's the only good part

    11. Khaoula Rhaib

      You always amaze me by your big heart 💘

    12. Vampire Pillz

      this looks like a Kool-Aid ritual

    13. Rohan Kishibe

      in my opinion, the song is catchy but the mv itself-

    14. Student

      Sia, please do a fundraising concert for India :(

    15. Jarin tasnim Alin

      Can please someone tell me what's wrong with this movie ??I don't feel sia did it intentionally to hurt the autistic communities feelings. Sia is great.

    16. Karina Flores chujutalli

      MOMENTO : XD :C

    17. Song Jin-Woo

      ياخي ازيائج غريبة



    19. Валентин PIRATA Валько

      Thanks for the film!!!🤗

    20. Triveom

      I thought this was a weird nightmare but nope it's real

    21. My PorkChop Is the cutest hamster

      I’m sorry but the giant pink bladder kids had me dying WHAT IS DAT?!?!

    22. Julia B

      they mustve had to get really high in order to do these music videos.. cant imagine theyd be ok with it otherwise

    23. Mili

      Me julguem, mas eu gostei da música e do número musical também.

    24. Lua Lia

      Name to music: 1+1 Me: ;-------------; ist 2

    25. Something Mischievous

      I didnt realise that sia sand over the bit in dumbo where he gets drunk and sees those elephants.

    26. Gia nettie

      If I just saw this video without knowing context. I think it is really cute. Quarky, great vocals and just a good song.

    27. Mem Ugur

      Who else thinks the yellow suit has a built-in diaper


      aposto que vc veio aq só pra ver como ela está hj:^

    29. Gallery cat studios

      I hate that weird shaking thing they do

    30. miumau

      I’m I only autistisic who doesn’t get mad?

    31. Sia Lover

      Everyone: here because of the movie Me: here to listen to the song

    32. Tyler Germanotta

      I see comments talking about the colors and how this is traumatizing to watch, i feel so bad. But have you guys considered the close minded people that don't take any form of "spectrum" into consideration. Music brings people together, stop looking at the negatives, the last 2 years have been filled with it, and use this video to bring light and positivity. I have several family members mentally hit with different illnesses. Stop being pansies.

    33. La casa de las mejores series y peliculas XD

      Sia te amo: Se tubo que decir y se dijo

    34. Valentina

      Just to make this worse. In the scene before this Zu is forcing Music to get in the kiddie pool and Music is saying she doesnt want to and it's implied she's scared and Zu is just forcing her to get in the pool.

      1. Stjepan Sirovec

        Music was messing in that scene with Zu. She did same thing with Ebo when he bought her tablet

    35. Kim Taehyung kim

      this is very poorly done. the saturation of the colors, so many movements, sudden jumps and the vibration of the light. This can be quite stressful if seen by an autistic person.This is not A faithful portrait of autism.

    36. Rexy the T-Rex Mapper

      I have autism which I have problems in social interaction, communication and behavior. Please DON'T be mean to me because of that.

    37. LoQueSeaAmigo

      Realmente la película es mala. Pero la termine de ver por Kate Hudson y la música es buena, es lo único salvable 😞

    38. sia y Billie te amo

      Te amo ❣️

    39. sia y Billie te amo


    40. Obrigado por tudo

      kkkkkkkkkkkkk, dizus

    41. larry patterson

      I'm sorry what is this music video about

      1. Sia Lover


    42. Bareilles

      Autistic does not equal infant. Yeah, this seems incredibly demeaning and, well infantalizing.

    43. Asteroid


    44. Jirafita_gacha

      I think the cover is maddie😱


      It’s funny how Maddie & Kate just made me smile so big! 🥰

    46. dessttruction

      Okay, I'm not autistic. But this is absolutely disgusting behaviour and I'm pretty sure everyone else agrees..

      1. Sia Lover

        I don't, but everyone else does

    47. Mario Diaz


    48. Saimonas Boss

      Ariana:35+36 Sia:1+1

    49. Christy 6


    50. RuPaul's Drag Race Venezuela

      I love this song 🎵because LGBT🏳️‍🌈👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👬 🎵

    51. Danni Bunni

      Why is everyone picking this apart and finding everything wrong with it? I may not necessarily agree with her choice of making the movie, but I won't hold that against her music. Her music got me through a very hard time in my life and she inspires me to write my own music about my own experiences. Why do you people like being angry all the time?.. 😔

      1. Sia Lover


    52. achilles.

      They either look like deformed teletubbies or one of those copy and paste roblox characters.

    53. Judai Winchester

      Decent song but horrid visuals. Too much going on. Even with my blue light filter it's too bloody much!

    54. Matti Korhonen

      This movie was just bad! The storytelling was bad, the plot was 1/5 maximum.

    55. Anna G

      Instead of raising awareness about ASD, it looks like a mockery. Absolutely disgusting

    56. Xavi

      So many sour souls trashing a movie without even watching it. This is a musical, a fantasy! Not a documentary of the BBC. Bravo Sia for giving visibility for a community that is almost never represented in movies or teather.

      1. Sia Lover

        Sia is grateful for you

    57. Ayesha Ali

      Nice music love it. Do you want to increase views on this vido ?

    58. Singedro

      Alright I am adamantly regreting my choice to make fun and write funny comments about this movie while getting mad so, for any autisic person who is watching this here's cookies and a mini technoblade without the crown for you : 🐷🍪 For sia..... : ☝that was what is supposed to be for you ya little ableist piece of-

    59. Renata Trejo


    60. Someolii

      I wish someone worthy could’ve used this beat instead, I really like it. But this whole thing is disgusting

    61. Marcos Dantass


    62. Ini7

      OMG i love this Video and the movie and Sia this sound is soooooo good

    63. Rabab madfar


    64. auroraqx

      I’m not even autistic and yet watching this gave me a headache

    65. Joe Smith

      And this is why you don't hire drug addicts as choreographers.

    66. Joy Taylor

      I’m just so confused 😭what is going on and why did they think it was a good idea to make?

    67. v raghubir

      All the maddie Ziegler fans here

    68. Parker TDM

      In my opinion, Sia should look at how films such as Knots and how they depicted autistic people.

    69. Spirit Walker

      Stop being "polite" Maddie.. Your intuition was spot on. Don't be so quick to please. Especially sia.

    70. Rania Mazzal



      I hate it when people harassing on me so disturbing

    72. Rad Farlander

      This Teletubbies reboot is weirder than the original.

    73. Constant learner


    74. Dawnaandcake

      1:37 I flinch everytime this happens.

    75. Bilitis Boyd

      Great music, great dancers, great choreography but the facial and costumes just creep me out😂😂

    76. Rares Feraru

      Am i the only one who expected Sia?

    77. Cinnamonpuff !!

      I’m not autistic (I only have more intense anxiety) but after watching this I have a bad stomach ache (I only get them more intense when theres a lot of motion or I’m stressed)

    78. Geoffrey Thomas

      These exaggerated facial expressions REALLY distress me.

      1. Someolii

        Basically trying to show the “Autism”. Absolutely disgusting

    79. TheNraveles

      Okay so I’m just a little confused. Not being disrespectful not really confused. Everyone was mad at Sia for not casting an autistic person even though the sets were like this, and Sia herself said she couldn’t bc of the sets. 90% of the comments from those with autism are saying the sets are completely overwhelming and very just...a lot. Wouldn’t that kinda back up exactly why Sia wasn’t able to cast someone who WAS actually nonverbal? I’m just confused.

      1. a i m e e

        People are mad because Sia didn't consider maybe making the autistic girl they hired more comfortable, and making it available and comfortable for other autistic people to watch.

    80. HangOut WithMe

      This could have been a fun movie if they just kept the misinformed autism angle out of it. The music is really nice.

    81. Sima Nuri

      Why is everyone hating? This video was so full of positive energy I got genuine happiness watching it

      1. uStitchy

        @cardi bejon ableism means the discrimination of able-bodied people (disabled people)

      2. cardi bejon

        @uStitchy idk what that meqns

      3. uStitchy

        Because this movie is super ableist

    82. ZombieLove

      wow sia maddie and kate hit an all time low. they are garbage

    83. Alvin Del Rey

      I love this song

    84. SuperRiya16

      ❤️ it made me smile on a bad day!

    85. Supersonic Sonic

      Everyone suddenly has sensitive eyes watching this. I thought the color scheme was vibrant yet warm enough with a total pink cast and set with main characters having a different color that stands out but still adjusts well with the background..Y'all just hating lmao.

      1. uStitchy

        @Supersonic Sonic literally just look up autistic people reacting to music and I’m just trying to tell you why people with autism feel uncomfortable watching this

      2. Supersonic Sonic

        @uStitchy I feel like an autistic person should be the judge of that instead of a person that Is not saying that

      3. uStitchy

        Autistic people are known to be more sensitive to bright colors and this movie was clearly marketed for autistic people, people aren’t complaining because of their sensitivity, it’s because autistic people are more sensitive to bright colors

    86. Raisa maliem

      I like the song but I don't like the movie

    87. Jennifer Andrew

      There's a fine line between creativity and what the f*ck?

    88. Sofia Dalir

      I loveeeeeeeee you

    89. Zahira Zorrilla

      Wow, so much unconformity for such a beautiful piece. I could feel it all, it gives you really raw situations toned down with this beautiful imagery and powerful inspiring lyrics. Let's just applaude, that the subject is on the table and it was a message of love, or an attempt to achieve it not only for people on the spectrum, for those around too. This is how the world looks through someone elses eyes, and that's her artistic interpretation, as each one of us have a personal one.

    90. Jason Macumber

      Biggest issue for me is Maddie doesn't act any different than she does in all of Sia's music videos which to me is a problem.

    91. Anahli Winters

      Kate Hudson has AMAZIN VOCALS


      Kate Hudson is a good dancer

    93. H.O.P.E. by CG

      Sia's music/"art" is an autistic person's nightmare.

    94. i like my uncle's yogurt

      Play this in my funeral

    95. Diablo Dylan - Gay AF


    96. Maii Blues

      Ok I'm lost, what movie?? Haven't watched it n I'm curious about this whole controversial thing

    97. Ka to

      The video was really not that bad, everyone over reacted too this ay

    98. Mina Bou

      I swear this song only listen to it .it makes u feel happy this song is magic 🥰🤪😜😘💘💝💖💗

    99. Mauro Guante 〽


    100. Xes̄tebạn Alkalá Escobar