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    Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written & directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. & Maddie Ziegler 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country
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    1. Keelan O'Steen

      You can tell how the movie was by what it got on rotten tomatoes (it got an 8%) even cars 2 got a better score

    2. 널이

      한국에도 제발!!!

    3. ChessmasterHex

      This film ma ma ma makes me happy

    4. Snazzy Muffin

      Anyone who felt so overwhelmed dring the music video scenes it was so bright. And so fast to confusing idk.

    5. • SwirlyAngel • ☁️✨🎀

      “An exceptional film, with heart at it’s core” Uhh, you watching the right film?

    6. Sia Performance Edits

      Sia decides to make a film about autism Maddie: CUT THE CAMERAS! Sia: I’M ABOUT TO END YOUR CAREER! Maddie: Oh well 😔 Everyone else: turns out you ended your own career

    7. The 0.01% germs Left

      *take it higher? More like take it down*

    8. cycilx

      what can u watch this on

    9. Student

      Sia, please do a fundraising concert for India :(

    10. Lettuce Ttuce

      Good songs Good director Good scenography Good singer Good plot Good development But autistic people can't see it.

    11. lurkzie

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions

    12. Noelle

      For those saying this movie is mocking, i get where you’re coming from. But this movie is about fully Autistic people and not people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Level 1 Autism). I’ve studied Autism for a while now, and have worked with lots of kids and teens. Although I am not trying to speak for the Autistic Community, 100% of the kids and teens i’ve worked with (whom are fully autistic), act a lot like the character in this movie. They can’t wash their hands or make a bowl of cereal by themselves. Thank you for understanding my point of view on this movie.

      1. Mx fungi

        but also, just the way they treated “music” was not entirely normal, i’d say. and if an actual autistic person watched this, they’d probably have a meltdown or reaction because of these colors. not to mention sia called autistic people objects with wigs

    13. Lily Sticha

      It’s not that hard to hire an autistic actress for the role Sia. And to listen to their requests on how to both make the recording studio a safe environment for people with autism and make it as accurate of a portrayal as possible of the autistic community. There are plenty of people who would be willing to work with you on this movie, this movie could’ve been great if it had been done correctly. Do better.

      1. stuart1234

        Ok, make a list of people who have autism while also being skilled dancers comparable to Maddie in ability. balls in your court, you made the claim saying it’s not hard so I can only assume you can produce a list of skilled dancers who have autism, I’m waiting, I’ll look up dancer you list

    14. lollypopz

      As an autistic person who loves sia so so much this movie was just not it. I feel so made fun of its unreal.

      1. lollypopz

        @stuart1234 ok I understand your point but it is still very very bad. especially when sia who created the movie isn’t autistic and didnt get anyone who is autistic to see if her assumptions about the autistic community is true and lots of things that she said in the movie wasnt true. Even though she is trying to do something nice it just didnt come across like that especially when she even argued with us on Twitter when we said it wasnt right!

      2. stuart1234

        @lollypopz actualy I have to disagree with you there as well, because even tho it would be difficult it is still also possible for a white actor to play a black character and for it to not be racist, context is always important... like an actor can play a character who is racist while not actually being racist because it’s acting it doesn’t mean you actually have to be racist. Under the right context I think many people could be ok with a white actor playing a black character. An example of this I can give you is Robert Downey jr. in Tropic Thunder 2008

      3. lollypopz

        @stuart1234 yes it 100% exists and i must have worded my explication wrong for you to think i said it doesnt. Its just the fact that the person who actually plays music isn’t autistic. Its like a white person playing a black persons role and them saying the n-word but them also saying its ok because there playing a black role. In the end of the day that person is still white how the person who plays music isn’t autistic

      4. stuart1234

        @lollypopz yeah ok my actual and only concern is with how you say the traits music has just aren’t true, because that is where you lose credibility, because there definite are people with autism who display the severity of mannerisms Maddie portrays in her character, like I’m not sure why your trying to say it doesn’t exist ??? when it definitely does. like really I have eyes and I have seen what your trying to say doesn’t exit and I have no clue why your denying reality.

      5. lollypopz

        @stuart1234 it does make this movie the main character “music” isn’t actually autistic and alot of “autistic” traits that that character has just arent true. The way she stims and acts is just so wrong its actually upsetting and thats why the autism community just feels made fun of with this film

    15. mikiaywa

      that’s not- how autistic people act- oh no

    16. Jack Costello

      This feels soo off and just wrong

    17. Over.Mp3

      I haven't even watched it and I feel offended

    18. Tara B

      As an autistic person, I absolutely hated this movie because of how she basically used the character Music as a prop and not a character. And it’s like we only got to know ‘the warrior girl who battled alcohol addiction’ and not Music even tho the movie’s about her. They made things so childish it’s insulting. They dehumanized Music in many ways including not giving her a real name.

    19. Asa L.

      This is such a horrible movie. I highly doubt Variety had even seen it when they wrote their comment.

    20. Joyce Ladner

      😘 💓 ❤ 💕 💞 😀

    21. hxaniah

      Sia wtf is this?

    22. Orion Smith

      As a person with Autism this movie offends me because this is how everyone sees autism, unable to speak or care for themselves it is a broad spectrum and having a non autistic person playing out harmful stereotypes is the reason I get bullied when I tell people about my disability and have even gone into a depression in which I considered suicide because if I were dead maybe they’d stop talking about me as if I wasn’t in the fucking room

    23. ReRe

      I'm an autistic person who heard about all the backlash for months but didn't watch the trailer until now and holy fucking shit, this is so cringe. It's worse than I expected. What I do experience: sensory processing issues, lack of focus, an inability to fully grasp conversational/social norms, pattern seeking tendencies, lack of coordination What I don't experience: visions of the people around me dressed as Teletubbies and partaking in elaborate, childlike choreography

    24. Tina Turner

      Wait wait so eating Gilbert grape isn’t offensive but this is. Snowflakes babahahahah

    25. fabooshness

      Cancel culture, have you seen the movies Rainman, My left Foot, Birdy, Elephant Man? To name a few I have personally loved along with Sia's beautiful, and criminally maligned, Music. The worst generation right now. Wow.

    26. Crafts and Me

      computer thingy: I am sad me: me too because this movie exists.

      1. stuart1234

        I’m sad because you call it a computer thingy....

    27. Judai Winchester

      This. Movie makes a mockery of people with ASd and infantilises them. The bright colors were too much, the girl is a walking blackface stereotype. So much wrong with this... I can't even begin.

    28. balanced

      what about arnie grape and Leonardo DiCaprio acting mentally disabled in that movie? everyone seemed fine with that.

    29. Summer Rose

      𝓢. 𝓘. 𝓐. 𝓢𝓱𝓮 𝓘𝓼 𝓐𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓲𝓼𝓽

    30. Thomas England

      Oh great another predictable feel good movie that will try to send a message we all already know about.

    31. Tomura Shigaraki

      The fact Sia got a non disabled person to play a disabled person is just wrong.

    32. Kay KJV

      I’m not autistic and I don’t know much about it, I do know that many actors do have to act and portray autistic people in the films they work in. I don’t think it’s wrong but I do think it’s good to have discussions on how sia could make this better for her viewers. I mean it’s a learning process, not everyone is going to have a perfect view of “society standards”. I think sia has a good heart and her intentions obviously weren’t to hurt anyone. Maddie Ziegler as well. I’ve heard she has cried on set making this film.

    33. Seb Stenson

      Simple jack from tropic thunder was less ableist than this shit

    34. Kenneth Litgov

      I love music, I direct myself by music. I salute others by music, in my eyes, with my highs. I cant wait to see this "Music". It seems colorful and wide to me!

    35. nefelibata

      _"dear kazoo , there's a magickal little girl who will act as a prop for the neurotypical characters."_ *n - o - p - e !*

    36. Cameron Butler

      looks a bit crap to be honest

    37. dj is bad

      you ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-make me hap-p-py

    38. mil grauuu


    39. rag muffin

      I'm autistic and this pisses me off to no end.

    40. Jelle Kingma

      As an autistic person who has seen the movie, I can confirm that it's just as awful and offensive as you'd expect

    41. All Hail The Dark Prismarine


    42. Moria james Parisien

      I watch it but I don't watch it anymore

    43. MrMcHammergeil

      Is this "Simple Jack" 2.0?

    44. NixieNoo

      If this movie could talk, it would’ve called me retarded.

    45. Summer Rose

      As a person with autism myself, as well as epilepsy, the bright colors and loud music were too much. Many on the autistic spectrum have something called Sensory Processing Disorder. This makes everyday stimuli overwhelming. Also the fact that Sia handled things horribly online didn’t help either... it just made her seem closed minded and immature. All people were doing was pointing out the flaws and issues the film had. And all she did was get pissed at everyone who dared to criticize it. To be honest, I’m not even angry over the fact that Maddie got casted. That’s quite common. But it would’ve been nice to have an actual autistic person act there part. That way, they’d have some experience on what having autism is really like. However, I am angry that I have to keep repeating myself to others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried explaining this to someone and their response was either “I don’t care” or “If you don’t like it then don’t watch”. The fact that Sia replaced that autistic girl instead of giving her accommodations to make the set and experience more comfortable for her, is just wrong. Instead, Sia just casted her star Maddie. And that to me just doesn’t sit right... Maddie was FUCKING crying to Sia! Begging not to be in the film, due to the fear of being made fun of and getting backlash from this. But Sia pushed her forward anyway, saying it was fine. Shows how much she cares... I know not every autistic person is the same as me, but please try to understand where we’re coming from. We aren’t hating on this film for no reason. We’re trying to explain why it makes us so uncomfortable. If Sia truly plans on releasing a film representing our community, it should be comfortable for EVERYONE within that community. Not just the handful that like bright colors and loud music. I know not everyone can be pleased, but surely you understand what I’m trying to say. Right? Here are some helpful links for those wanting to know more about ASD or SPD: What is ASD: Info on SPD: Sia’s tweet (now deleted. This is a repost): Story about Maddie Crying/Nepotism: Story about Sia paying for Maddie’s security due to “feeling responsible for her fame”: Link to the synopsis of the film (SPOILERS): Link to some of the scenes from the film (SPOILERS): There’s clips out there. And they don’t look good. That is not how you should treat someone who is having a meltdown. Pinning them down like a criminal? If anything, that’s probably make the meltdown worse! I could understand a bear hug, because some autistic people need pressure to feel comfort. But not this... This film has got to be the worst portrayal of autism I’ve ever seen. Please don’t support this. It won’t do the autistic community any good... And for those of you saying that Sia did her best... No... Sia did not do her best. Three years of research just isn’t enough to understand the complexity of what she is trying to portray. And the fact she used Maddie instead of the original actress really says something. There could’ve been accommodations set for the girl to help her cope while being on set, but Sia decided that it was just to hard, so she used her usual star Maddie. She even admitted that it was nepotism. Sia doesn’t give a shit about the autistic community. All this is, is just to promote her new album while trying to gain some more money while doing so. Sickening... Also, the fact that this horrific film got a GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATION is just...not right. Link: Sai apologized to the autistic community. And then deleted her Twitter right after: And yes, I do believe that Autism Speaks had something to do with this film, despite denying it in this tweet: Edited to add more information: It has come to my attention that there could’ve possibly not have been an autistic actress to begin with. Since Sia admitted that the role of Music was specifically for Maddie herself. This makes the situation much worse because it was never about the autistic community at all... it was all about Sia’s music and her super star Maddie. Editing again: For those wondering, “Huh... didn’t Sia already release a trailer for this a while back? What happened to it?” Well, it got unlisted. But not to worry! I have the link for you all right here. Also here’s a petition for the Golden Globes to rescind the nominations. Link: For those looking for a film review, here’s a good one that goes into great detail:

    46. enelym remraf

      Some people going through their lifes deaf and blind😢

    47. Ellen-Poppy Aukland

      If I showed this to my grandma who has a Down syndrome, ADHD son (my uncle) she’d probably sue Sia and she doesn’t even know who she is

    48. Damalycus

      I wonder how many people in these comments are LARPing as autists or "happen to know autists"/

    49. Cris Sea

      In sorry but as a MOTHER of a 20 year old daughter who has autism & ID, this actually relates quite closely with how my daughter functions, now I have not seen the movie yet BUT I am looking forward to seeing what it brings to light... in a world that is so incredibly ignorant about intellectual differences like autism even still with asd being so high... I have experienced first hand for many years the ugliness of peoples reactions towards a variety of behaviors due to asd... so far this to me looks like a big step to shed some light to the world, which has me smh as to why so many would immediately bash & attack it.. I feel grateful that such an artist would step out & do this... of course no one who doesn't have asd or live with it daily is going to truly "get it" 100%, & with it being such a broad spectrum those of such high intelligence enough to fully critique its every layer would know this is a big step to raising not only awareness but really opening a door to being able to reveal truth from all aspects & angles 🙏🏼👁 smh open your eyes & minds to realize this is so important & be grateful someone has the balls to do it without borders & fear.. no it will not be perfect yes it will have some self driven aspirations behind it as do all movies from all creators... sigh #sia #autism #love #thankyou 🙏🏼💕

      1. Cris Sea

        @Summer Rose hi luv as i said I did not see all of it only the above trailer, now of course I do not condone that but it is bringing to light the truth of what has gone on or is going on, you see what im saying? Like if people are made aware we are more likely to change things.... look at how much attention this movie is getting... I remember when my daughter was in kindergarten she was only 5! And I walked into her class & her teacher whom I knew & trusted, she would not hurt my daughter, was physically restraining her on the floor & to see that i felt outraged & was like wtf is going on? Because i was not even made aware that any such thing was taking place or existed! I immediately let them know that they were not doing that to my daughter. I ended up homeschooling her for many years because she was only distressed at school & the behaviors were taking over our lives, within 2 weeks she was going back to her happy self. A lot of parents are overwhelmed & burdened by asd which is what causes so much stress & unhappiness in every one.. it is stressful especially for those trying to follow the typical way of life... luckily for me I am not one of those people which is why my daughter is almost always happy because I do not try to force her inside some "box" of rules to follow, why? because it simply did not work & created misery for everyone! So I adapted, we adapted to her which is not always easy but definitely easier than trying to force her to adapt to a world she simply cannot understand...anyway im just saying im grateful this movie is here because now the voices can be more widely heard! You see?👀👁💫💕

      2. Summer Rose

        What about the dangerous prone restraints in the film? It’s been shown to injure and even KILL autistic people! And it can be extremely traumatic to the autistic person involved. Please think twice about watching this horrid film. It doesn’t portray autism accurately at all. With all those flashing lights, it could cause meltdowns for some that don’t like them. And even seizures too. I wasn’t even aware that autistic people were more prone to epilepsy until I was diagnosed with epilepsy myself. Please... as another autistic person, don’t watch this. It won’t do the autistic community any good.

    50. Singedro

      Oh the comments aren't off yet? Well Frick you Siabliest

      1. Singedro

        @• SwirlyAngel • ☁️✨🎀 okie

      2. • SwirlyAngel • ☁️✨🎀

        @Singedro Stuart is probably just an ableist, toxic Sia Stan who’s trying to sound smart and saying that no-one’s opinion on this movie is valid, just ignore them

      3. Singedro

        @stuart1234 but before you comment and have a problem with me ( or anyone with autistic people or just disablities ) I would ne happy to tell you all the mistakes in the movie then compare what sia sees what autism looks like to what autism is

      4. Singedro

        @stuart1234 I thought I was gay or autistic see I'm all ready feed up with people going around so I am assuming you are ableist and not tell you why I hate this movie and simply ignore your comment starting right after you comment :)

      5. stuart1234

        Lmao the self censored swearing??? Your clearly a snowflake, no wonder your offended

    51. Sugar Spice

      Not yall giving her the attention she wanted lmao

    52. Coca-Cola Drinker

      I was going to tatoo her wig freaking tomorrow and found out today about this movie... *"I was going to"*

    53. KristiChan1

      Upon further inspection, particular claims about Sia's movie seems to be too muddled now to pin down as truth, and with the deletion of her Tweets, any further knowledge of this is difficult, perhaps impossible. First, there was the impression that she fully intended to cast an autistic girl, then, she claims nepotism, and now, in a fairly recent artcile I've found, she says Hollywood discouraged her from casting a black person for the original role in the very beginning It also seemed like it would be told through our eyes, but instead is primarily through the eyes of her caretaker, which we have plenty of. I'm also quite impressed with her statement in this article “The movie is both a love letter to caregivers and to the autism community. I have my own unique view of the community, and felt it is underrepresented and compelled to make it. If that makes me a shit I’m a shit, but my intentions are awesome.” We could get into her troublesome self righteous comments, but that's for another post. Another thing mentioned is that it actually took her 8 years, not 4, to make the movie. Half of it was designated to editing. The original title was just called, "Sister" I wish I knew when it changed over, as it appears that originally autism wasn't even going to be a part of the film. Again, inconsistencies. In an old Tweet someone screenshot, there's implications that she did indeed terminate the original actress's contract, and didn't just leave on their own accord. Again, all of these tweets are gone now, so we can't have the full story anymore, just bits and pieces Someone claimed she tried a second autistic and "he" didn't work either. Honestly, them mentioning there was another autistic after the first one "left" is news to me. I've only heard of the one. If anybody knows where I could find this information (links) I'd like to look further into that. Otherwise, I can only consider that bit of info as hearsay. She has claimed to have collaborated with other autistics on this film, and casted some them in other roles, but I've not heard any of them coming forward to give their opinion. I've only heard she used Child Mind Institute (troublesome organization run by NTs, although perhaps not as horrible as Autism Speaks) to see if Maddie's imitation was ok to go, and Autism Speaks supposedly approached her after the film was made. (If it indeed took 8 years, or even the 4 everyone states, that was pleeenty of time to learn about that organization). Basically what I'm saying is there is a lot of twirling going on, and Sia's claims continue to be either absent, inconsistent, or added to later. Further reading:

      1. KristiChan1

        @Summer Rose You're welcome 😃

      2. Summer Rose

        Thanks for the links! :)

    54. Banana Chan

      I don’t even have Autism and I’m offended.

      1. Banana Chan

        @stuart1234 yeah you're right

      2. stuart1234

        I suspect your offended a lot

    55. Dan Cavanagh

      I Think sia is awesome..

      1. Summer Rose


      2. Singedro

        I think she is...... Ableist

    56. James Griffith

      Ableist AF

      1. Summer Rose


    57. Justin Truax

      Enjoy your razzie award for this piece of shit movie about unrealistic autistic portrayals .. up yours forever Sia!!

    58. ko ki

      i have an autistic brother and this movie pisses me off so much like 1 its not that hard to find an amazing actress that is autistic to play the role of an autistic person. 2 restraining autistic people when they are having a mental breakdown is NOT okay AT ALL they arent gonna cause any harm to you. 3 the way that shes making it seem like autistic people are fucking stupid when they literally arent. some autistic people are really fucking smart. but oh my god why do they make it seem like autistic people are supposed to be our guidance, this isnt ok shes literally making autistic people seem like children when my brother literally can eat properly can read properly and is amazing at division (hes 8) literally the only thing that pisses him off is that sometimes he doesn’t understand stuff AS ALMOST EVERYONE he literally just needs someone to explain some things to him and hes good hes not fucking stupid and autistic people in general arent fucking stupid and they arent babys.

    59. Livmativ

      How much did those likes on this video cost Sia? I’m genuinely curious because based off the comments it’s like majority of the comments are hate. While the like to dislike bar doesn’t reflect the comments at all.

    60. Annie4Dance

      To all those ppl saying it sucks I don’t blame sia for not putting a real autistic person here, first of all their parents won’t let them and not to be rude it’s safer because once again not offense not all of them belong there... I’m not saying that have no talent it’s just that behind scene there is a lot of commotion and all. Greet her for making a song about helping a sick child and trying to make them happier.

    61. zahraa mosa

      guys Sia worked hard on this film she didn't mean to hurt anyone the offensive thing about the film is the way Sia answered , Sia used Maddie cause she is an AMZING dancer and she had her in mind it's called acting I mean u don't have to be a nurse to play the role of a nurse the same thing here and the acting is accurate My cousin has severe autism and this is how she acts I feel so so sorry for her because 99% of the people didn't see it yet the judge not cool PEOPLE you're the monsters for not feeling sorry for her, For not forgiving her

      1. enelym remraf

        She offended affected people with her comments and that's a no go

    62. Ka to

      Everyone in the comments, as a this and that

    63. Bon Voyage

      Sia delete everything about this film challenge

    64. Ellie Sureya

      guess who’s about to watch the movie... specifically

    65. Kitt

      This is so unsettling wow

    66. Holly Wilcox

      Well she got the role of the carer right. I can't fully relate to the street of being short 😅😅

    67. Partylizard

      What autism is: possibly a mutation in the SHANK3 gene What Sia thinks autism is: an annoying strange anomaly gifted to you from the heavens in the form of a girl, to get you more upvotes on reddit r/wholesome

      1. Summer Rose


    68. Skyla Taylor

      This is a great movie I would love to see it I have to do something bad and I secretly do want to do something bad

    69. kayla

      I have autism and this a good movie

    70. Aether :0

      Words can’t describe how much I hate Sia and what she stands for. I hate her so much. This movie itself is very ableist and her savior complex/superiority complex is pissing me off and I’ve had enough. Sia is horrible for even releasing this, what went through your mind? Did you think this was a good idea? The bright colors and flashing actually prevent people with disabilities from even WATCHING this, shame on you and your stands. You could have invested in something greater, but no. You chose this. Shame on you. You’re a despicable person.

    71. Larissa Gabriella

      life is so beautiful and time is so short to worry about what haters say and think. love more and live life.

    72. Larissa Gabriella

      I loved the movie and its teaching by transmitting it. I have taken care of autistic people with different levels and different characters and I confess that I have taken care of a boy with high-grade autism who was identical to Maddie's role with his inductive behaviors. Congratulations on the film.

    73. Larissa Gabriella

      Amei o filme e seu ensinando transmitindo por ele. JĂĄ cuidei de pessoas autistas com vĂĄrios nĂ­veis e personagens diferentes e confesso que jĂĄ cuidei de um menino com autismo de grau alto que era idĂŞntico ao papel da Maddie com seus comportamentos indeticos. ParabĂŠns pelo filme.


      I watched your movie and it was beautiful but I'm sorry about the deaths in the movie music but I love your movie

    75. technocatification

      the magical deep black man

    76. JTR1309

      This film is one fidget spinner away from a hate crime.


      I think Maddie made a great effort to look like an autistic person and Maddie did it because there was no one else and let's clarify that no actor is perfect doing his job


        @Summer Rose ok but yes I chose maddie and I don't understand the big problem in which maddie played that role???? And this movie is not making fun... I hope you respect my opinion and do not question it.

      2. Summer Rose

        “I think Maddie made a great effort to look like an autistic person” I’m sorry, but you can’t “look like” an autistic person. That’s just mocking. Plain and simple. “Maddie did it because there was was no one else” Actually, there are plenty of talented actors that could taken her place. Remember that infamous “Maybe you’re just a bad actor” tweet? At least we can both agree on your last part on actors not being perfect at their job. But that isn’t the issue people have with this film.


      just beautiful I already want to see it rough comes out on netflix

    79. crazyman37

      Sia, your movie sucks and your patronizing attitude towards your turning people with autism into a freak show for your greedy profit makes me sick.

    80. hiqk

      could have at-least researched autism more 😐

    81. Soupicake the Soup Reploid

      I have came back to this, but still I hope the movie just gets removed from this world.

    82. Fork

      The fact that this has 33k likes,,, is,, yikes

    83. Anime Zazi fofo

      Name's movie ?

    84. 낑쓰


    85. Regina Akpan

      i dont get why you guys are so pressed, this is 2021..ppl make mistakes and the best thing to do is correct the person in a nice is she supposed to know how each of u sure she would have asked doctors or therapists if this type of movie is guys are just so stuck up and u dont even have anything to show for it only to be commenting rubbish on someones post....dont u watch other movies arent the disabled ones always the hero...and you guys didnt say shiiit....please leave her alone cos it seems as if someone cant do something without finding something to complain about


      What the hell is this

    87. Anastasia Jane

      This is disappointing for me. I feel bad for Maddie cause everyone’s gonna think she’s ableist. Sia is the ableist one. I am autistic and find this offensive. If you aren’t autistic I don’t really think it’s your place to say if this is ableist or not but it definitely is to me. And I know in the end she made Maddie try to be black but idk cause I’m not black so idk what to think of that!

    88. S.L. •}

      Wow This Film Looks Amazing To Watch!.😁

      1. noname

        @Leja Sword lol ok

      2. Leja Sword

        @noname Don't take that so serious, I just like to say that when there is no point arguing with someone

      3. noname

        @Leja Sword why do I need good luck with my life? Just because I liked this movie?

      4. Leja Sword

        @noname Well, if you don't even see the problems even after watching reviews then I think trying to tell you otherwise is pointless. Good luck with your life, you might need it.

      5. noname

        @Leja Sword i watched negative reviews and it didn't change my mind either. I dont see anything wrong with this movie.

    89. Sporm Last Name

      Thanks for letting people have their opinions Sia.

    90. momolooooo

      Its basically the movie simple jack! From tropic thunder lol

    91. emma skegg

      Note. What an incredibly disappointing movie. Not only does this casting not represent the autistic spectrum, but the overall acting at best is decent. Sia's responses to the media and communities criticism of this disaster are also incredibly immature. And the music? Will without fail be entirely overlooked due to the ableist undertones of it's film counterpart.

    92. Adrienne

      I love this movie!

    93. Marcos Xotoko

      That is a NO NO for me.

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