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    "Oblivion (featuring Labrinth)" from the album Music, songs from and inspired by the motion picture, out now:
    Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written & directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. & Maddie Ziegler, is available on demand now 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country
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    Heaven never heard me calling
    Guess this is the reason I feel like hell
    Weatherman the rain is pouring, yeah, yeah
    I wanna be in time
    See I’m being honest right now
    I’ve been in this dark old cell
    So why do I keep myself locked in there?

    I wanna be
    I wanna be
    Be in Oblivion
    Don’t want to live like this
    Need something to knock me out
    Don’t want to feel
    Nothing can make me numb
    Nothing left but to run
    I need you to knock me out, yeah
    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea, yea oh yea oh-oh
    I need you to knock me out

    Box me around the ears my darling
    Only you can bring relief my dear, dear, dear, dear
    Crush me with your love adore me, yea, yea
    I wanna chance at life
    Do you mind if I’m on this right now?
    You are sweet sedation
    So, why’ve I been so stupid scared, yea?
    I wanna be
    I wanna be
    Be in Oblivion
    I don’t want to live like this
    Need something to knock me out
    Don’t want to feel
    Nothing can make me numb
    Nothing left but to run
    I need you to knock me out

    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea, yea oh yea oh-oh
    I need you to knock me out

    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea, yea oh yea oh-oh
    I need you to knock me out

    Cold sweat I was living in my head
    Near death ‘til this experience

    So, if you would be
    If you would be
    Be my oblivion
    Don’t want to live like this
    Need something to knock me out
    Don’t want to feel
    Nothing can make me numb
    Nothing left but to run
    I need you to knock me out

    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea, yea oh yea oh-oh
    I need you to knock me out
    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea oh yea oh-oh
    Yea, yea oh yea oh-oh
    I need you to knock me out
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    1. Student

      Sia, please do a fundraising concert for India :(

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      Sia te amo

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      Need something to knock me out 😭😭😭

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      Oh crap. This snuck up on me. Where the hell was I when this version came out???

    5. Giulio Caique Oliveira Souza

      it's beautfull end very powerfull, the classic sond plus the pop voice of Sia end Labrinth. very good


      A mí me encanta sia y espero de grande conocerla 💗💗✨✨

    7. Biggest Fish

      I remember oblivion like: Care about the simple things in life that bring you joy and wave away the darkness

    8. J L

      wow this is crazy🤭

    9. sia y Billie te amo


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      I loveeeeed

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      I hope u married with Labrinth

      1. Zaid Ali

        He is married already and have kids😂

    13. totallynotblakem

      The disrespect to autism community- trash...

    14. тим бок

      Potential Eurovision leaders Miyagi and Andy, representing Russia, will perform the song " I got love "💣💥

    15. Vay beee!!!

      I feel like this song is about maladaptive daydreaming. Even if its not i understan the lyricks that way so this makes me feel less alone.

    16. Leya Lanya

      I am confused, cause there's another version of this song. I mean who really owns the song ? Just asking tnx

    17. Dawid Teru

      Bądź Sobą SIA ❤️ be yourself

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      Sia, everything world loves you 💖💖

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      Press a botton a she you on tv as a Super bae.

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      This is dedicated for me so preddy kisses.

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      Tuning Violin at the beginning 😍😍😍Love from Iran❤️🧡💙💚💜💛🤍

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      1M 😍

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      Eu amei cada segundo dessa música

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      For ever you are the best

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      Maravilhosa como sempre 💞

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      How can someone express your thoughts whithout even knowing you?! God is alive for sure.

    30. Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji

      Queen 💕

    31. Vlasta Salmijak

      Such a shame that these songs alone are such a masterpiece but the movie is so bad :,-(

      1. Andony Escalante

        Then just enjoy the music album and forget about the movie. 😉

    32. saman duhoki

      For me this song is good in weird way





    35. Abyss Hole Records


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      Sia é uma das melhores vozes do mundo

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      Maravilhosa de mais meu deus !

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      Sia S : She I : Is A : Awesome or ableist? 😎

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    41. Daniel Centeno

      Sia + Labrinth = Slabrinthia

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      I've been there many times.

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      Another masterpiece by sia,#obl #ctc

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      Grimes ?

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    47. Abyss Hole Records


    48. James Fox

      Wouldnt Raise a hand To Ya - and yet she is asking to be knocked out , yea i get it , knock me out with Aww

    49. S Bell

      Anyone else think the -ivi in Oblivion looks like a smiley face?

    50. DaMeowCat

      Dang, i can't stop listening to this song!

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      Big LoVe from the PLANET

    53. João Vítor Amaral

      i'm loving you😍❤

    54. Bryan Q

      Esta canción es una obra de arte, debería de tener millones de visitas


        Necesita un buen video musical, los audios nunca tienen buenas vistas

    55. Scinter

      This version of sia's solo is 10x times better

    56. Marcos Silva

      Sia y Labrinth: duo perfecto ❣️

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      Ugh ur songs have something magical in them it gives me different vibs its so...idk ✨MAGICAL✨

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      là c magnifique je préfère elle que l'homme c mieux 🧚

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      Somebody PLEASE make a version of them both singing their versions together ,😍🥺

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      WE NEED LSD PART.2!!

    71. Vlad

      “I don’t wanna live like this, I need something to knock me out. I don’t wanna feel. “ Makes me cry so hard 💔

    72. Neko-Diazz

      On their own they do great music but together it is just amazing. Thanks for this powerful piece 👌

    73. David Torres

      i won’t agree with the movie, but this is an awesome song‼️‼️‼️

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    75. LiZEEEth

      at first it looks like "Body" from Mother Mother ._.

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      SIA is perfekt✔️✔️✔️

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      Autotune: exist Sia: what is that?

    79. Julia De Faria Oliveira

      Perfect ❤

    80. •XMikey SisX•

      Ohhhhhh now i know your the original

    81. Haramba 101

      Oblivion yes i was.

    82. Samuel Cruz

      bruh guts over fear brought me here and now I love Sia

    83. Providência 4

      Volta LSD por favor 🙏

    84. KUNG FU

      l love you sia

    85. Mr Clean

      And to think that there people that came to this video when the album dropped just to leave a dislike and say that Sia is ableist lol, haters even more hardcore and the fans theirselves

      1. eduardo

        @Mr Clean yeah thats true

      2. eduardo

        Im Sia fan and i think she is ableist

      3. Mr Clean

        @gorilla foot Im a sia fan, i totally agree that the movie is amazing, and im not calling Sia ableist (i just made a comment about how the haters do give attention to the so called "ableist" movie), since i dont think she is ableist, also i think that old sia haters saw the movie drama as an oportunity to hate on Sia without being canceled by the lovers.

      4. gorilla foot

        I did not see anything seriously wrong with the movie other than what you said "ableist". even that wasn't offensive in my opinion. people are to quick to cancel people without the slightest reason why.

    86. Art. Animex

      Echo de menos LSD y esta canción es una puñalada al corazón

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      Só eu que viajo nessa música ?

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      Hey You! Yes You! . . Stop Being Cute!!!! 😾💔

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      I could die today. I wouldn't call... What talent, Love you.

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      The best duo ❤️❤️

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      Her voice is such exceptional.

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      I prefer this song by Labrinth version, is more like real the voice singing. But that is cool too

    94. Marcos Silva

      Canción de Dioses ❤️✨

    95. Javier Noguera Zeledon

      minuto 3:34 sia canta con todo lo que tiene. EJEMPLO A SEGUIR

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        Ella siempre da lo mejor,

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      i saw this w 666k views, ok???

    100. Mc Queen

      *And Diplo?* :/

      1. gorilla foot

        this isnt an LSD song. it's actually's labrinth's song that sia just did a cover to. sia is in the original song too but as a feat. artist.