Sia - Snowman (Behind The Scenes)


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    Bundle up with the behind the scenes of the "Snowman" video ☃️ & go put the song on your Christmas playlists 🎅 - Team Sia
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    1. Three Trufle

      The real gabut yg sebenarnya

    2. Vicente_676 perez


    3. Catalinda MS

      Me encanta

    4. •.b e l l a.•


    5. Student

      Sia, please do a fundraising concert for India :(

    6. Lol

      I khow how hard the editor connects all the picture and the one who move the doll oof..

    7. Pucky Nguyên

      The man is kiên trì

    8. Piseth Huy

      A lot of work

    9. Zitlali Ortiz

      I respect the Guy Make the stop motion

    10. gabriela rojas


    11. Loopy

      this prob took like 6 days

    12. Riska Amaliya


    13. Carolina Leufuman


    14. Merly Sara Daza Francisco-

      dejen su like por el esfuerso de ese hormbre ☺

    15. Victo O.o _

      Thank you Sia is beatiful

    16. menozin so2

      wow 😳😍

    17. SRI WNS

      Ini lebih susah dari ngatur manusia.

    18. Xime Gonzalez

      Snowman will never leave you alone xd

    19. Dhita Friscaliyani

      Good song 💙

    20. Shaun Smith

      wOw sOo cOoL 🪶🦋🍄

    21. R a b i a

      This takes so much effort❤

    22. Լαɯɾҽɳcҽ ɯɾɬԃ

      how was beonces basement?😭

    23. kerry nunes

      muito bom

    24. Zehra Nur GÖK

      Aşığım ben bu şarkı ya😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤫$$-

    25. Harry Potter

      how much work there is to do, in any case this song is BEAUTIFUL

    26. Mia Greene (Student)

      i still watch this

    27. Edwrich Duaniel Montilla

      Alguien mas siente que esta cancion tiene mucha coincidencia con la realidad en 100% +1111 Hermosa❤️


      I love so you Sia ... ❤️ I am a cute Turkish girl 🇹🇷

    29. Biyaahhh

      I love it because Its just like Shaun the sheep

    30. Allyza Reyes

      Wow that must of took a while and I watched the music vid 90000000 times I love it

    31. Justyna Nawrocka

      Ja kto pamięta mnie

    32. CallMehRuna

      My respect for tge man who did all that 😉😊😊

    33. Chiara Corsu

      She is my cantant favorite🤩

    34. zuza sport horse

      Polska dotarła?



    36. Mehwish Fatima

      Wooowwww...its mind freezing...,😮😮

    37. Raline Kids Diary

      I showed these mini snowmen to my little daughter and she likes it a lot! She has made her first snowman and snowwoman last winter. This is really a great project what Sia makes! 💜

    38. Yandel XD

      La verdad una verdadera obra hecha con amor Y está bonita la canción felicidades

    39. GabutCH


    40. Mark cantara

      Voice:perfect Video:perfect Music:perfect

    41. 영원히 버려.

      wow nice song

    42. Pedro Vinicius

      De emocionar. Muito bom👏👏👏

    43. Shadow_WolfieGirl YT

      My respects for this man who did ALL of that...📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    44. sorquill

      Respect +10000000000000000

    45. xx_ciko

      omg so thanks 😭 you are we

    46. Santo Official

      Fun fact : Stop motion

    47. Cat Gaming

      I want you to know that sia is ableist and this trend was built to cover it up and I feel for this to so please can we raise the alarm let’s start with her movie where she didn’t cast a disabled for the role with excuse and harmful remarks towards those with autism we are left shocked don’t watch this movie...

    48. Glmm Official

      Respect too you👏

    49. Y. Melissa S. Adams


    50. Cemre Tube

      I actually prefer first animation of this song

    51. Musolin

      that's impresssive ! this is take so much effort, especially on camera shutter this take a buuunch

    52. Bilersalus Art

      Animator is ane amazing guy!.

    53. saenaysa

      1:20 Windows xp wallpaper

    54. Aakash Karki

      this reminds me of SHAUN THE SHEEP😍

    55. Ahmed Safaa


    56. Almira12official

      I know this song from arsy hermansyah from indonesia....

    57. López Vargas

      Es muy aburrida esa canción 🤬😒🙄😒🤭


      I love this song

    59. Lamination Gamer

      Ohh its stop motion

    60. m. fitrian. zr


    61. friendship first florist




    63. 오키 & 도깨비 부엌 Okie & Dokkaebi Kitchen

      넘 좋아요~음악하나로 행복한 하루입니다~ 또 만나요^^~

    64. Dream Lover

      Why is it only 1 person?

    65. can0_pvc


    66. Aina Dwi

      OMG the artist is sooooo amazing!!!!


      i want you to know that im never leaving cause im mrs snow til death well be freezing yeah you are my home my home for all seasons so come on lets go lets go below zreo and hide from the sun i love you forever where will have some fun

    68. Begüm


    69. Vlad bond


    70. Bk Is


    71. Mr. Dutchino

      I’m someone’s snowman ⛄️

    72. Gala G

      I love it ❤️❤️❤️

    73. Lael And Yohan

      That hat barely fits on that girls head

    74. Isabelle Brunet

      J’adore cette musique c’est la meilleure musique l’île si t’est des d’accord 😌

    75. LiencyHDColor

      IS THAT CLAY ?

    76. Roei Dayan

      I watched the music video and only now I noticed that the cooler is made like a covid mask, and I like to think that on purpose but idk

    77. Aqiqah Berkah


    78. Agil Bayu Prakoso

      I thought it was animated 😅

    79. C

      Guess what I'm going to try to do tomorrow after I buy some plasticine...

    80. -Elif Su KURT-

      I like this song

    81. Anne Joelle Rebollos

      they worked on this so lets appreciate them ily vids

    82. Karla Estrada Otero

      Me Pongo De Pie 👏👏👏👏 Todo Lo Que Se Trabaja Para Dar Un Excelente Video👏👌 Un Trabajo Digno De Admirar 👏❤️🥰

    83. Dilnavaz Dallas

      can we all pause for a minute and appreciate all the hard work put into this single video...cuz they deserve all the credit they can get. so take a moment and like this video.

    84. some one

      the dog is so cute🥰🥰🥰

    85. Benjii Lyngdoh

      Greatest claymation work i've ever seen

    86. Elany batista

      incredible wanted to live in united states loved

    87. Juan Díaz


    88. Simon Emilio Rodríguez Casas


    89. Deyse Iara

      i love music

    90. Pinguelinho de Sabonete

      U there is too beautiful😘

    91. Choco Bread


    92. Raya2014 Syikah BII syamky

      Not bad

    93. Tralala Trilili

      Wow Masha Allah cool 😍

    94. Marijo Hargreaves

      The músic 😍😍love

    95. ۿـ‘ـࢪآ۶ 々.


    96. dafne estefania de la luz jimenez

      Amo a madie y a sia bastante I love sia I love madie

    97. Assia Boukdour

      Waw this is not easy❤️good job

    98. 09 potatoboi

      Where is her lungs???